Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Natalie VS Paul - Why it's STUPID (week 10)

HoH: Nicole   -   Noms: Michelle/Paul   -   Veto: Nicole   -   Veto Used?: NO


What's up everyone! It's time for a random, impromptu post because lately I've been witnessing one of the stupidest feuds every via Twitter and Tumblr. It's basically just a huge mess of Nat's fans fighting with Paul/Victor's fans, leading people to start claiming that there is a discriminatory aspect to the issue of Nat's rating dropping...which there really isn't. 

Essentially the issue is that when Natalie aligned with Nic/Cor, viewers gave her a lot of crap. Yet when P/V do the same thing, they do not get the same backlash. 

Is the an issue of gender? Well...no. Because the main person to blame for Nat/James'/Meech's games hitting the fan is actually James. 

The reason that viewers had an issue with Nat/Meech nominating Vic/Paul was that it was true betrayal at it's finest. But, of course, those nominations were more James' idea than Nat's. 

"But it was a good game move."

Was it? Was it really? Because Nic/Cor are literally the two sketchiest, flakiest, disloyal people in the house, and they do not win anything. The worst thing about this is that James essentially put Nicorey in the best possible position by pitting Nat/Meech against P/V. And that sucks. Because watching Nicorey' relationship onscreen is a bit like watching two stale potato chips crumble. 

If ya'll read my previous post, you know that I called this. And as a fan of Nat, Paul, and Vic, I find it so disappointing that Natalie will probably be evicted after Michelle. 

Unfortunately for all of us, there is a very good chance that Nicole will make it very far. You can thank James for that. 

And on another note, I think it is very important for all of us to look at most of the remaining houseguests mostly just on a game level. Because all of this petty drama with saying Paul is a racist and Natalie is a bad feminist and constantly pitting the two against each other is so not productive. I truly think that they are both good people and good players, Nat simply made a bad move in the game and lost her place in final 5 because of it. 

What really blows is that Michelle had to take so much heat from this. I'm not a big fan of her, but she was robbed by Nat, and especially James, who convinced her to turn on Paul/Vic. If I were her, I would be livid. She had a huge chance and f3 with them. 

Apologies for this disorganized, ranty post. Just so sick of this pointless drama. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

VIDEO: WEEK 9 Gossip - BB18

Hey guys! I'm super excited for tonight's episode! Can't wait to see how they explain everything! Anyways, here is my video response to recent events! Woo!


HoH: Natalie/Michelle - ACP: Michelle - Noms: Paul/Victor - Veto: Paul - Veto Used: YES - Replacement Nom: COREY

Well, for everyone who is a fan of Michelle yet still defends this interesting game move, you should know: she's getting completely fucked. That is, on the unlikely chance that this alliance between Nicorey and Jatalie actually works out.

While I can really see why Nat would nominate Paul/Vic over Nic/Cor, when you include the jury buybuck with the fact that Vic/Paul are better at comps than any other players in the house, it's a lot more probable that Nat is sending herself home and LOSING AFP, which she previously had in the bag.

Now, I know I just sound like a helpless, whiny, Paul/Vic stan, but honestly, let's look at next week.
HoH PLAYERS: Nic/Cor/Paul/James/ Buyback person, assuming that comp is on friday.
  • Nic/Cor suck at comps. I’d give it maybe at 12% chance that Cor could pull this one out. That’s the same chance NYT gives Donald Trump at winning the presidency.
  • James’ chances are also pretty slim. He’ll probably assume he’s pretty safe, because the numbers are on his side...right?
  • Paul has THE BEST chance of winning HoH next week, unless Vic or Bridg come back, in which case they have pretty decent chances as well.
  • Nic/Cor/James nominate Paul and the buyback winner, or Paul and Meech.
  • Paul nominates one person from each showmance. Likely James/Nic since he and Meech are allies.
  • I doubt that Paul could win two vetos in a row. However, he could be pulled off the block if Michelle wins veto. So let’s give him a ⅓ chance of survival under a Nic/Cor/James HoH.
  • If Paul wins HoH, James’ chances of surviving the week effectively go to ZERO, which is why I find it incredible that he truly believes he can make it to the end by aligning with Nic/Cor.
  • Alright, so under a James/Nic/Cor HoH the noms are Paul/Meech, the only single people in the game, something Michelle should REALLY be taking into consideration.
  • OR Paul/buyback winner.
  • Paul goes home.
  • BUT if Paul wins HoH (far more probable imo), the noms are James/Nic or James/Cor
  • Meech/buyback winner are the deciding votes, and either JAMES GOES HOME or ONE OF HIS NEW ALLIES DOES.
  • And that’s the hard truth.

The only thing that could really put a wrench into how this season will play out is if our beloved Polly Pocket wins the buyback.

Can’t wait to see how it all goes down! Who do you guys want to win buyback? And who is your predicted winner?

Season 18, Episode 26: WEEK 8 POV + ZINGBOT!!!! (REPOST)

HOH: Victor   -   POV: Victor   -    NOMS: Paulie/Corey   -    POV USED??: NAH

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Now onto this very interesting editing....

Paulie got a completely sympathetic edit, which he did NOTHING to deserve. If you don't follow therefusing to make pies and threatening to self evict. I know that the editor's are supposed to remain impartial, and not trash certain players, but wow. This edit seemed like it was literally PAID FOR by the Cabbage-Boring family.

feeds or Joker's updates, know that Paulie spent most of the week 

How can Nicole possibly be any more of a wreck? Not only is Corey massively boring, but he's massively stupid to boot. It's honestly so sad to watch a VETERAN OF BB not even try. This is including the fact that she apparently came out of the DR crying after recording Cor's goodbye message. It makes me want to grab her and shake some sense into her. I mean, honestly: his dick cannot be that great!!!

ZING! I always enjoy Zingbot, and this year was no exception. I refused to spoil the zings for myself this year because there's nothing like hearing them authentically. But, if you missed them and want to be spoiled, here's a rundown:

Vic got called a douchebag.

Nat apparently has a lot of armpit hair.

Nic was called out for sucking at BB and chasing dick.

Paul got his catchphrases made fun of.

Corey was told that Hayden is the real guy who Nic chases.

Paulie's was about being inadequate compared to Cody.

James was told he's scaring Nat's parents.

Meech was called a whiny crybaby.


  • As some of you may have heard, Vic was warned in the DR not to nominate dear Polly Pocket. This was originally thought to be because production wants to protect Polly as long as possible, but over the course of the week, another possibility has come to light. 
  • It is unfortunately, incredibly likely that Paulie has the RTT. 
  • The "special" episode this Friday is going to be a Ziggy Marley concert and an HOH comp hosted by Jessie. Seems a little weird, no?
  • Well, rumor has it that Friday was initially supposed to be a jury buyback episode, meaning that someone like ROBBED QUEEN BRIDGETTE could come back into the game. 
  • However, production is aware that Paulie has the RTT and now the episode has been changed. 
  • That. Freaking. Hurts. 
  • No matter what, someone is coming back into the BB house. There are not enough HGs at the moment to make it to the season finale. 

IN CONCLUSION Vote for Victor, our Puerto Rican Savior, for ACP at THIS LINK so that Paulie will be sent right back out of the house, and Vic will reign superior, with THREE WEEKS as HoH.


HOH: Victor    -    VETO: Victor    -     Noms: Paulie/Corey     -      Veto used?: NAH. 

Guys. This is the moment I have been waiting for.

It is a little embarrassing exactly how much pride I have taken in watching Paulie self-destruct this 
week. However--all of this happened for a reason, and despite being "bred for this" he should have seen this coming.

I'm going to be talking about this on tomorrow's Wednesday rant, but for now, I'd like to just really emphasize the main things that brought us to this point. Everything happens for a reason.

Let's look at Paulie's first mistake: Despite currently sobbing over the fact that he's up on the block with Corey the Boring Slice of Bread, he never had a solid ride-or-die. To me, this makes it feel like Paulie had never actually watched BB. Because while luck is obviously a factor, the main thing that makes a successful player is a successful counterpart.

Paulie bounced around between everyone, AND he made the mistake of being in a showmance.

The next this that really messed his up was his HYPOCRISY. 

Let me explain: when the house was against Frank, Paulie presented himself as the perfect gentleman--a white knight in all his glory.

While it is understandable that people go a bit off the deep end in the BB house, Paulie is truly a special case. While I don't like to agree with Andy Herren (the most undeserving winner of BB to EVER EXIST), Paulie's recent behavior is comparable to Amanda of BB15.

Paulie was always a bit sketchy, as was his boring sidekick of a brother of BB16, but recently he has really upped his psycho-game, and I don't think production has anything to do with it. If anything, we have another Frank situation: production wanted to PROTECT Paulie. And he has somehow fucked it up. 

However, the main thing that has really ruined his game is his sickening rhetoric.

Paulie really likes to think that the reason for his downfall is Michelle or Natalie or even Paul, but hopefully when he returns home he will realize that he has no one to blame but himself.

Although honestly, this seems unlikely, seeing as how his ego has inflated to Jozea-like levels.

It's like James said in the most recent episode, he's a very aggressive person, and he is suddenly doing a horrible job of hiding it. Putting aside the creepy comments he's made about Natalie, and the fact that he is so dense that he likely did not believe CBS would air the receipts on him, let's simply look at his strange woman-hating agenda.

Now, I really don't think you need to be a feminazi-SJW to agree that the things Paulie says about women in the BB house are insanely off-putting. Even Vic, who made the infamous "women are like locks" comment, looked genuinely disturbed hearing Paulie's constant insistence that "these girls gotta go" and other things like that.

I even understand Paulie's motives for wanting the women out of the house: he's concerned that they 
want the same thing. But his concern is really not needed seeing as how 1/3 of the remaining females are literally just swooning over white dicks and refusing to even play.

And most importantly, Paulie does not know when to stop. Despite the fact that almost NO ONE was with him on "Nat is as fake as her titties"-gate, the guy would not let it go. I understand sticking to your guns and whatever, but when everyone around you looks massively uncomfortable and disturbed, you should not CRY about them trying not to hang out with you anymore. 

Of course, his nauseating EGO is definitely not helping him stay in the house.

I think Paul really said it best: "When you put it in your head you deserve to be in this game or deserve to wim more than anybody else is when you start to lose."


HOH: James

NOMS: Frank and Bridgette

VETO: Michelle - not used

Can the showmances please SELF EVICT? I'm over it. 


  • Is she serious? Thinking of risking her game for the person everyone in the house currently despises? What an absolute joke. 
  • I think bringing politics into the BB house is STUPID, but the fact that Meech is apparently a Trump supporter IS NOT endearing me to her one bit. 
  • It is BEYOND ME that she would denounce Bridgette over a crush she previously had on Frank (of all people). Bridg is comp beast, and she's actually incredibly smart. Sure, the house is against her now, but after Frank leaves, things could change. 
  • Basically, if Bridg wanted to, she could essentially flip the house on Meech. I think Bridg has an incredibly endearing personality, and that could take her pretty far. 
  • It's time for the hard truth: Bridgette is a BOSS PLAYER who deserves better than the BS people are giving her right now. 
  • She made a mistake in choosing Frank as an ally, but has she really ever done anything to anyone in the house to warrant the abuse she's currently enduring?
  • It honestly irks me to see the ladies in the house turning against each other in a way that, onscreen, read as incredibly malicious.
  • What people in the house are missing is that Bridg is the perfect person to take out Saltine and Triscut, as well as Diet Cody. She's out of fucks to give, she's smart as hell, and she's a total comp beast.   
  • Bridg and Frank were the strongest twosome in the house. The other HGs aren't recognizing her prowess. 
  • Okay, I'm done stanning her now. 
  • Honestly, BB18 Frank is the biggest fuck-up I have ever seen. 
  • The game was essentially RIGGED. FOR. HIM. 
  • He has an INSANELY strong ally in Bridgette. 
  • Trust me, I don't stan him. I think he's miserable. But the pathetic nature within his downfall was like...wow. He really could have made it far, but he screwed himself with insanely inappropriate, AVOIDABLE behavior. 
  • He and Nicole Saltine are just full evidence of how floppy vets can be. We, as an audience, expected SO MUCH MORE.  
That's my rant for this week guys! Be sure to check in for updates, spoilers, and MORE RANTING!