Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Natalie VS Paul - Why it's STUPID (week 10)

HoH: Nicole   -   Noms: Michelle/Paul   -   Veto: Nicole   -   Veto Used?: NO


What's up everyone! It's time for a random, impromptu post because lately I've been witnessing one of the stupidest feuds every via Twitter and Tumblr. It's basically just a huge mess of Nat's fans fighting with Paul/Victor's fans, leading people to start claiming that there is a discriminatory aspect to the issue of Nat's rating dropping...which there really isn't. 

Essentially the issue is that when Natalie aligned with Nic/Cor, viewers gave her a lot of crap. Yet when P/V do the same thing, they do not get the same backlash. 

Is the an issue of gender? Well...no. Because the main person to blame for Nat/James'/Meech's games hitting the fan is actually James. 

The reason that viewers had an issue with Nat/Meech nominating Vic/Paul was that it was true betrayal at it's finest. But, of course, those nominations were more James' idea than Nat's. 

"But it was a good game move."

Was it? Was it really? Because Nic/Cor are literally the two sketchiest, flakiest, disloyal people in the house, and they do not win anything. The worst thing about this is that James essentially put Nicorey in the best possible position by pitting Nat/Meech against P/V. And that sucks. Because watching Nicorey' relationship onscreen is a bit like watching two stale potato chips crumble. 

If ya'll read my previous post, you know that I called this. And as a fan of Nat, Paul, and Vic, I find it so disappointing that Natalie will probably be evicted after Michelle. 

Unfortunately for all of us, there is a very good chance that Nicole will make it very far. You can thank James for that. 

And on another note, I think it is very important for all of us to look at most of the remaining houseguests mostly just on a game level. Because all of this petty drama with saying Paul is a racist and Natalie is a bad feminist and constantly pitting the two against each other is so not productive. I truly think that they are both good people and good players, Nat simply made a bad move in the game and lost her place in final 5 because of it. 

What really blows is that Michelle had to take so much heat from this. I'm not a big fan of her, but she was robbed by Nat, and especially James, who convinced her to turn on Paul/Vic. If I were her, I would be livid. She had a huge chance and f3 with them. 

Apologies for this disorganized, ranty post. Just so sick of this pointless drama. 

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