Wednesday, August 24, 2016


HOH: James

NOMS: Frank and Bridgette

VETO: Michelle - not used

Can the showmances please SELF EVICT? I'm over it. 


  • Is she serious? Thinking of risking her game for the person everyone in the house currently despises? What an absolute joke. 
  • I think bringing politics into the BB house is STUPID, but the fact that Meech is apparently a Trump supporter IS NOT endearing me to her one bit. 
  • It is BEYOND ME that she would denounce Bridgette over a crush she previously had on Frank (of all people). Bridg is comp beast, and she's actually incredibly smart. Sure, the house is against her now, but after Frank leaves, things could change. 
  • Basically, if Bridg wanted to, she could essentially flip the house on Meech. I think Bridg has an incredibly endearing personality, and that could take her pretty far. 
  • It's time for the hard truth: Bridgette is a BOSS PLAYER who deserves better than the BS people are giving her right now. 
  • She made a mistake in choosing Frank as an ally, but has she really ever done anything to anyone in the house to warrant the abuse she's currently enduring?
  • It honestly irks me to see the ladies in the house turning against each other in a way that, onscreen, read as incredibly malicious.
  • What people in the house are missing is that Bridg is the perfect person to take out Saltine and Triscut, as well as Diet Cody. She's out of fucks to give, she's smart as hell, and she's a total comp beast.   
  • Bridg and Frank were the strongest twosome in the house. The other HGs aren't recognizing her prowess. 
  • Okay, I'm done stanning her now. 
  • Honestly, BB18 Frank is the biggest fuck-up I have ever seen. 
  • The game was essentially RIGGED. FOR. HIM. 
  • He has an INSANELY strong ally in Bridgette. 
  • Trust me, I don't stan him. I think he's miserable. But the pathetic nature within his downfall was He really could have made it far, but he screwed himself with insanely inappropriate, AVOIDABLE behavior. 
  • He and Nicole Saltine are just full evidence of how floppy vets can be. We, as an audience, expected SO MUCH MORE.  
That's my rant for this week guys! Be sure to check in for updates, spoilers, and MORE RANTING! 

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