Wednesday, August 24, 2016


HOH: Victor    -    VETO: Victor    -     Noms: Paulie/Corey     -      Veto used?: NAH. 

Guys. This is the moment I have been waiting for.

It is a little embarrassing exactly how much pride I have taken in watching Paulie self-destruct this 
week. However--all of this happened for a reason, and despite being "bred for this" he should have seen this coming.

I'm going to be talking about this on tomorrow's Wednesday rant, but for now, I'd like to just really emphasize the main things that brought us to this point. Everything happens for a reason.

Let's look at Paulie's first mistake: Despite currently sobbing over the fact that he's up on the block with Corey the Boring Slice of Bread, he never had a solid ride-or-die. To me, this makes it feel like Paulie had never actually watched BB. Because while luck is obviously a factor, the main thing that makes a successful player is a successful counterpart.

Paulie bounced around between everyone, AND he made the mistake of being in a showmance.

The next this that really messed his up was his HYPOCRISY. 

Let me explain: when the house was against Frank, Paulie presented himself as the perfect gentleman--a white knight in all his glory.

While it is understandable that people go a bit off the deep end in the BB house, Paulie is truly a special case. While I don't like to agree with Andy Herren (the most undeserving winner of BB to EVER EXIST), Paulie's recent behavior is comparable to Amanda of BB15.

Paulie was always a bit sketchy, as was his boring sidekick of a brother of BB16, but recently he has really upped his psycho-game, and I don't think production has anything to do with it. If anything, we have another Frank situation: production wanted to PROTECT Paulie. And he has somehow fucked it up. 

However, the main thing that has really ruined his game is his sickening rhetoric.

Paulie really likes to think that the reason for his downfall is Michelle or Natalie or even Paul, but hopefully when he returns home he will realize that he has no one to blame but himself.

Although honestly, this seems unlikely, seeing as how his ego has inflated to Jozea-like levels.

It's like James said in the most recent episode, he's a very aggressive person, and he is suddenly doing a horrible job of hiding it. Putting aside the creepy comments he's made about Natalie, and the fact that he is so dense that he likely did not believe CBS would air the receipts on him, let's simply look at his strange woman-hating agenda.

Now, I really don't think you need to be a feminazi-SJW to agree that the things Paulie says about women in the BB house are insanely off-putting. Even Vic, who made the infamous "women are like locks" comment, looked genuinely disturbed hearing Paulie's constant insistence that "these girls gotta go" and other things like that.

I even understand Paulie's motives for wanting the women out of the house: he's concerned that they 
want the same thing. But his concern is really not needed seeing as how 1/3 of the remaining females are literally just swooning over white dicks and refusing to even play.

And most importantly, Paulie does not know when to stop. Despite the fact that almost NO ONE was with him on "Nat is as fake as her titties"-gate, the guy would not let it go. I understand sticking to your guns and whatever, but when everyone around you looks massively uncomfortable and disturbed, you should not CRY about them trying not to hang out with you anymore. 

Of course, his nauseating EGO is definitely not helping him stay in the house.

I think Paul really said it best: "When you put it in your head you deserve to be in this game or deserve to wim more than anybody else is when you start to lose."

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