Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Season 18, Episode 26: WEEK 8 POV + ZINGBOT!!!! (REPOST)

HOH: Victor   -   POV: Victor   -    NOMS: Paulie/Corey   -    POV USED??: NAH

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Now onto this very interesting editing....

Paulie got a completely sympathetic edit, which he did NOTHING to deserve. If you don't follow therefusing to make pies and threatening to self evict. I know that the editor's are supposed to remain impartial, and not trash certain players, but wow. This edit seemed like it was literally PAID FOR by the Cabbage-Boring family.

feeds or Joker's updates, know that Paulie spent most of the week 

How can Nicole possibly be any more of a wreck? Not only is Corey massively boring, but he's massively stupid to boot. It's honestly so sad to watch a VETERAN OF BB not even try. This is including the fact that she apparently came out of the DR crying after recording Cor's goodbye message. It makes me want to grab her and shake some sense into her. I mean, honestly: his dick cannot be that great!!!

ZING! I always enjoy Zingbot, and this year was no exception. I refused to spoil the zings for myself this year because there's nothing like hearing them authentically. But, if you missed them and want to be spoiled, here's a rundown:

Vic got called a douchebag.

Nat apparently has a lot of armpit hair.

Nic was called out for sucking at BB and chasing dick.

Paul got his catchphrases made fun of.

Corey was told that Hayden is the real guy who Nic chases.

Paulie's was about being inadequate compared to Cody.

James was told he's scaring Nat's parents.

Meech was called a whiny crybaby.


  • As some of you may have heard, Vic was warned in the DR not to nominate dear Polly Pocket. This was originally thought to be because production wants to protect Polly as long as possible, but over the course of the week, another possibility has come to light. 
  • It is unfortunately, incredibly likely that Paulie has the RTT. 
  • The "special" episode this Friday is going to be a Ziggy Marley concert and an HOH comp hosted by Jessie. Seems a little weird, no?
  • Well, rumor has it that Friday was initially supposed to be a jury buyback episode, meaning that someone like ROBBED QUEEN BRIDGETTE could come back into the game. 
  • However, production is aware that Paulie has the RTT and now the episode has been changed. 
  • That. Freaking. Hurts. 
  • No matter what, someone is coming back into the BB house. There are not enough HGs at the moment to make it to the season finale. 

IN CONCLUSION Vote for Victor, our Puerto Rican Savior, for ACP at THIS LINK so that Paulie will be sent right back out of the house, and Vic will reign superior, with THREE WEEKS as HoH.

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