Wednesday, August 24, 2016


HoH: Natalie/Michelle - ACP: Michelle - Noms: Paul/Victor - Veto: Paul - Veto Used: YES - Replacement Nom: COREY

Well, for everyone who is a fan of Michelle yet still defends this interesting game move, you should know: she's getting completely fucked. That is, on the unlikely chance that this alliance between Nicorey and Jatalie actually works out.

While I can really see why Nat would nominate Paul/Vic over Nic/Cor, when you include the jury buybuck with the fact that Vic/Paul are better at comps than any other players in the house, it's a lot more probable that Nat is sending herself home and LOSING AFP, which she previously had in the bag.

Now, I know I just sound like a helpless, whiny, Paul/Vic stan, but honestly, let's look at next week.
HoH PLAYERS: Nic/Cor/Paul/James/ Buyback person, assuming that comp is on friday.
  • Nic/Cor suck at comps. I’d give it maybe at 12% chance that Cor could pull this one out. That’s the same chance NYT gives Donald Trump at winning the presidency.
  • James’ chances are also pretty slim. He’ll probably assume he’s pretty safe, because the numbers are on his side...right?
  • Paul has THE BEST chance of winning HoH next week, unless Vic or Bridg come back, in which case they have pretty decent chances as well.
  • Nic/Cor/James nominate Paul and the buyback winner, or Paul and Meech.
  • Paul nominates one person from each showmance. Likely James/Nic since he and Meech are allies.
  • I doubt that Paul could win two vetos in a row. However, he could be pulled off the block if Michelle wins veto. So let’s give him a ⅓ chance of survival under a Nic/Cor/James HoH.
  • If Paul wins HoH, James’ chances of surviving the week effectively go to ZERO, which is why I find it incredible that he truly believes he can make it to the end by aligning with Nic/Cor.
  • Alright, so under a James/Nic/Cor HoH the noms are Paul/Meech, the only single people in the game, something Michelle should REALLY be taking into consideration.
  • OR Paul/buyback winner.
  • Paul goes home.
  • BUT if Paul wins HoH (far more probable imo), the noms are James/Nic or James/Cor
  • Meech/buyback winner are the deciding votes, and either JAMES GOES HOME or ONE OF HIS NEW ALLIES DOES.
  • And that’s the hard truth.

The only thing that could really put a wrench into how this season will play out is if our beloved Polly Pocket wins the buyback.

Can’t wait to see how it all goes down! Who do you guys want to win buyback? And who is your predicted winner?

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